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Entry #16

New Project

2014-08-21 19:16:31 by Egbert2011

Mmkay, so I haven't exactly told anyone about this as it has merely been an idea since it's beginning, but I'm making another project. No I'm not cancelling Bloodthirst but I've been focusing on this secondary "project".

The only thing I will reveal as of now is the fact that it is an online multiplayer fighting game. Not much is known at this point as I am still VERY early in development. The only characters in the game are your own that are based off of one of these five forms of martial arts, shown in this screenshot:

Don't expect this to look any good at the moment as it is in extreme early development like I previously said. I'll get back to you when I have any progress on the mechanics of the game.

See ya next time.


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